How Our Aftercare Support Group Can Help You

How Our Aftercare Support Group Can Help You

Congratulations! You are a cancer survivor and have left one of the most courageous battles of your life in the rear-view mirror. But with such feelings of triumph and accomplishment can come physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties in adjusting to life after cancer. No matter your age or the type of cancer you beat, many of our patients at Rahway Regional Cancer Center have benefitted immensely from our cancer aftercare support group. Here’s a look at the ways you can benefit, too.

Connect with Peers

Throughout your cancer treatment, you were surrounded by a passionate and dedicated team of medical experts, your family, and friends, who provided you with the ongoing support you needed to remain strong and defeat cancer. When treatments end and the disease is gone, you may experience feelings of isolation. At this time, it’s easy to think there aren’t many people to turn to who will understand what you’ve been through.

That’s where our cancer aftercare support group comes in. At Rahway Regional Cancer Center, you’ll be able to interact with fellow survivors who have walked in your shoes. Sharing your own story of survival and hearing about the journeys of others will remind you that you are not alone as you begin to navigate life after cancer.

Addressing Your Emotions

Along the same lines, the amount of support you received during your battle with cancer was one of the biggest factors in your success – aside from state-of-the-art care and your own determination. After the cancer is gone, some of the relationships you developed along the way will become a less prominent part of your life as you return to your normal routine. This could result in an array of emotions, from loneliness to sadness to anger. Our cancer aftercare support group empowers survivors with the resources to learn to take control of these feelings and live their best lives after cancer.

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of cancer aftercare support groups in coping with the emotional toll of the cancer journey. They have been linked to the reduction of depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as a decrease in the pain and fatigue associated with these symptoms. These groups also enhance mood and the ability to cope with negative emotions.

Enhance Your Confidence

Your fight against cancer has affected you physically in more ways than you could have ever imagined. From losing your hair and a significant amount of weight to being self-conscious about your scars from surgery, it can be tough to become comfortable in your own skin again.

Research shows that when survivors participate in cancer aftercare support groups, they regain their confidence faster and experience less stress, anxiety, and depression over their perceived self-image. Plus, when you openly discuss concerns like this with fellow survivors, you become empowered by knowing you are not alone and grow more motivated to take control of your feelings.

Make a Difference

While you’ll experience a host of benefits from participating in cancer aftercare support groups, you’re also helping fellow survivors heal as well. By sharing your own experiences and feelings, you’ll help normalize the struggles of adjusting to life after cancer and make lifelong friends in the process. To join our aftercare support group, current and former patients can register by contacting Renee Sarnicki, Radiation Oncology Nurse and group leader, at For more information, call Rahway Regional Cancer Center at 732-382-5550 today.