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CT Scan Imaging

CT Scan Imaging

CT Scan Imaging with RRCC’s dedicated GE Lightspeed RT16 Wide Bore with LAP Laser Simulation System. 

Treatment Planning Software

Treatment Planning Software

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment in any radiation treatment facility is the treatment planning computer.



Dr. Karp is one of the world’s leading experts in high dose rate brachytherapy having performed over 3,000 procedures.

The Karp Cancer Care Staff

We Are Your Healing Advocates

RRCC provides door-to-door transportation services for our patients. Our van service offers convenient, comfortable, and safe rides to and from your appointment. Best of all, this service is free of charge to our patients as part of our pledge to help make life easier, while ensuring patients receive the best treatment available.

If you need to take advantage of our free door-to-door transportation please call 732.382.5550.

Embracing our Patients and their Caregivers as part of our Family

Words of Strength, Inspiration and Hope

Before I went to RRCC I heard about how painful it was going to be, how the treatments were going to burn, and how drained of energy I was going to be. Women diagnosed with breast cancer need to know that’s not true. A cancer diagnosis does not have to be as bad as it’s made out to be. If you listen to the nurses, and maintain a strong mind, a positive attitude, and a healthy diet and lifestyle you can sail through this, and the RRCC staff will be there by your side to help” - Michelle W

This place is different than the rest I’ve been to. It’s the personal attention they give you that sets it apart. It’s the way they bring you in as part of their family that helps you overcome whatever you may be dealing with in your personal battle. I’m not Mr. Toma anymore. I’m uncle Dave to these people. And that’s the difference.” - David T

“Dr. Karp encouraged me to talk to my family. He said together we will get through this. He took his time and made me feel like I was his only patient.” - Tom T


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