Patient Support Group Rahway Regional Cancer Center

Rahway Regional Cancer Center Aftercare Patient Support Group

Dr. Karp and the dedicated staff at Rahway Regional Cancer Center(RRCC) believe our personalized brand of patient support should not stop once your radiation therapy treatment does.

After you complete your cancer treatment and go back to your daily routine, you may discover that life after cancer is a “new” normal.  Surviving cancer can bring about both physical and emotional changes that can have a lasting effect. 

This is why RRCC offers a monthly aftercare support group where current and former patients can come together as more than a mere sounding board, but a nurturing network of friends and loved ones helping each other heal, cope and approach the most troubling of cancer care issues in a semi-structured setting.

Now in its 12th year of operation, the familial atmosphere of this group is one that stems from RRCC’s pledge to reach each of its patients on a personal level, offering an experience unrivaled by larger medical facilities.

For more information on RRCC’s monthly aftercare support group please contact our registered Radiation Oncology Nurse and group leader Renee Sarnicki at