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Aftercare Support

When radiation treatments end, you’ll begin a new chapter in your life. Although no two cancer survivors are alike, this time is often filled with hope and excitement, as well as feelings of fear and anxiety. Everyone has their own way of coping with these emotions and can benefit from the help and support of other people with similar experiences. That’s why Dr. Eric Karp and his dedicated staff at Rahway Regional Cancer Center offer a monthly aftercare support group.

A New Normal

During treatment, you may have found yourself surrounded by family, friends and Dr. Eric Karp’s unparalleled cancer care team, who likely became an important part of your life. But after completing your cancer treatment, these relationships you forged may be put on the backburner as you return to your daily routine. As a result, you may feel lonely and isolated and experience a flood of emotions ranging from anger to sadness. At this juncture, participating in a support group can help you learn how to manage these feelings.

Our Support Group

Once a month, the Rahway Regional Cancer Center aftercare support group invites current and former patients to share their stories and experiences in a semi-structured, familial setting. We strive to create a nurturing network of friends and loved ones to provide each other with encouragement, comfort and advice to help participants heal and cope with life after cancer. In return, participating in the Rahway Regional Cancer Center support group may help with feelings of loneliness and isolation, reduce depression or anxiety, improve coping skills and give you a sense of empowerment.

For more information on Rahway Regional Cancer Center’s monthly aftercare support group, contact our registered Radiation Oncology Nurse and group leader, Renee Sarnicki, at

Life after Cancer

In addition to attending our monthly support group, you may also choose to seek support from friends and family, religious groups, professional counselors and other support systems. Remember: it’s possible to lead a fulfilling life after radiation treatment. You adjusted to living with cancer, and you certainly have what it takes to readjust to life after cancer.

To learn more about Rahway Regional Cancer Center, Dr. Eric Karp or our aftercare patient support group, call us at (732) 382-5550 to speak directly with one of our caring staff members today.