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Why Choose Radiation Oncology for Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy has been used to treat patients with cancer for more than 100 years. It is one of the most effective and safest treatment methods and can be used for many different types of cancer. During its lengthy history, the technology has come a long way from its origins. Thanks to many advances in radiation oncology, patients who come to Rahway Regional Cancer Center for radiation therapy are able to enjoy a smooth, positive experience throughout the treatment process.

A Personalized Approach to Cancer Treatment

One of the top benefits of radiation oncology is that treatments can be tailored to every patient’s unique needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated treatment planning software, Dr. Karp and his team can create a personalized treatment plan. No two cancers are the same, so performing a comprehensive analysis of every patient is key. As the treatment process gets underway, regular scans are taken and any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan are made. This approach leads to more effective treatment and better outcomes for patients.

Minimal Side Effects

During radiation therapy, high-energy beams are directed specifically at the cancer. Doing so limits the effects to healthy tissue. As a result, most patients experience only mild, temporary side effects, such as skin irritation, mild to moderate burns, soreness and/or fatigue. The treatment takes place right inside the Rahway Regional Cancer Center facility, and patients are able to leave afterwards to continue their day. Most of our patient continue working throughout cancer treatment.

Compassionate Care

Another reason why many people feel confident choosing radiation oncology is because of Dr. Karp and his team. Dr. Eric Karp has given hope to thousands of patients and offers unmatched credentials, and he leads a team of experienced, compassionate care providers ready to do all they can to provide support during the treatment process. From maintaining a warm, friendly atmosphere to providing door-to-door van and concierge services, the Rahway Regional Cancer Center helps lessen the burden of cancer treatment.

Contact RRCC

If you’re curious about recent advances in radiation oncology and how this type of treatment might benefit you, contact RRCC today. Dr. Eric Karp will be happy to meet with you and get you started with a treatment plan right away. Call 732-382-5550 to set up an appointment.