There’s No Place Like Rahway Regional Cancer Center

Every person is unique.

Every cancer is unique.

Every treatment is unique.

When a patient comes to Rahway Regional Cancer Center they will notice that it is a center like no other.  They will meet Dr. Karp who will take the time to examine, listen and speak to the patient in depth about treatment options and possibilities. 

They will meet the staff at the Center, each one so important in the process of treatment –

from Carol who greets and registers each patient upon arrival, to Mary who will handle  questions regarding insurance coverage, to our nurses, Susan and Renee who work alongside Dr. Karp and the patient, to our radiation therapists, Tara, Jessica, Kelly and Maria who always with a smile guide the patient to the treatment area and administer their radiation.

Each person who comes to us is unique and that means each cancer is approached with meticulous attention specific to the patient and their diagnosis.  You will be cared for by Dr. Karp who has unparalleled experience and skill and who will fashion a highly complex treatment that will result in both maximum effectiveness and safety. 

You will receive care on a level that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Eric Karp, MD

Radiation Oncologist


Rahway Regional Cancer Center