Treatment Planning Software

Rahway Regional Cancer Center is committed to providing unrivaled, personalized cancer treatments using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. At the heart of our radiation therapy systems, treatment planning software is the key to promoting better patient outcomes. Compared to traditional radiation therapy planning, the software we use produces consistent results, reducing planning time and enhancing dose accuracy to provide high-quality cancer treatments. To learn more about our treatment planning software, contact Rahway Regional Cancer Center today.

How It Works

Treatment Planning Software - Rahway, NJ - Rahway Regional Cancer Center
At Rahway Regional Cancer Center, we use one of the most advanced radiotherapy treatment planning systems in the industry – the Philips Pinnacle3 PROS – making our facility one of few in the U.S. with image fusion capabilities.

Philips PROS enables high-quality image fusion between simulation CT, MRI, PET, cone beam CT and other diagnostic imaging tests. In other words, this technology combines two or more images into one model, allowing board-certified oncologist Dr. Eric Karp and our cancer care team to quickly contour tumors and anatomical structures in 3-D and 4-D. In turn, we can see dose distribution on the multimodality images to aid in radiation treatment delivery.

Benefits of Fusion Technology

The comprehensive treatment planning system at Rahway Regional Cancer Center offers several advantages. For one, Philips PROS creates multimodality images that simplify the planning process, aiding in the creation of enhanced radiation therapy treatment plans. The treatment planning software also improves accuracy when delivering radiation therapy for greater effectiveness and a reduction in radiation dose to normal tissues. Most of all, Philips PROS allows Rahway Regional Cancer Center to completely tailor the treatment plan to the individual and adapt it as needed.

The Rahway Regional Cancer Center Difference

Since 1993, Dr. Eric Karp and the Rahway Regional Cancer Center team have been providing top-tier cancer care to patients using the most advanced radiation oncology solutions. As a fully independent treatment facility, Rahway Regional Cancer Center offers the best possible care tailored to the individual. We pride ourselves in providing a compassionate atmosphere, and this sentiment is echoed in everything we do. From offering door-to-door transportation services to being available around the clock, Rahway Regional Cancer Center is dedicated to your treatment every step of the way.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Karp or to speak to our caring staff, call Rahway Regional Cancer Center today at 732-382-5550.