Stay Healthy Dad & Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is this month and is a celebration of our dads and how much they mean to us.

As always, our health and that of our family is so important.

There is much talk about prostate cancer awareness and I would like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

It is in everyone’s best interest when appropriate to undergo periodic screenings with a physical examination and a PSA blood test.  Find out whether you should be screened.  Talk to your family physician.

Early detection leads to better outcomes.

In many cases, with early enough detection, patients can elect to just be followed by a qualified physician without requiring any treatment. 

If treatment is called for, it is important to remember that you have options.  Make sure you are seeing someone with top credentials, is reputable, and has extensive experience. 

Have a happy and healthy Father’s Day.

Eric Karp, MD

Radiation Oncologist


Rahway Regional Cancer Center