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Overcoming the stresses of a cancer diagnosis can be a difficult task, but surrounding yourself with the right team of doctors, nurses and specialists to see you through the treatment and healing process will make all the difference.

Since the Rahway Regional Cancer Center’s (RRCC) inception 25 years ago, Dr. Eric Karp and his team have helped thousands of patients win their battle against this ailment and take back their lives.

Learn more about the patient-experience at RRCC from those who lived it by reading their testimonials below.

Famed Detective, David Toma, Turned to RRCC for Help in Cancer Battle

Through speaking engagements and appearances, the Clark, NJ native, David Toma, has helped save the lives of thousands, and positively impact millions more around the globe. However, when a recent cancer diagnosis put his helping hands in jeopardy, the search for a savior of his own began.

“One person I spoke to said they saw a guy by the name of Dr. Karp,” Toma said. “They explained to me how they first started seeing this doctor 21 years ago and they’re still cancer free. I didn’t know anything about Karp, but I knew it was worth a visit.”

Toma’s lead took him to the Rahway Regional Cancer Center (RRCC), and into the care of Dr. Eric Karp and his team of in-house oncology nurses, radiation therapists, physicists and health insurance specialists who welcomed Toma into a soothing environment as a member of their family.

“This place is different than the rest I have been to,” Toma said of RRCC. “It’s the personal attention they give you that sets it apart. It’s the way they bring you in as part of their family that helps you overcome whatever you may be dealing with in your personal battle. I’m not Mr. Toma anymore. I’m uncle Dave to these people. And that’s the difference.”

– David T

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Breast Cancer Survivor Bonds With RRCC Cancer Care Team During Treatment

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I remember searching online for information about what the radiation treatment process was like, and so many of the reviews and descriptions were terrifying. I almost didn’t go through with it. But thankfully my husband was there to support me, and the RRCC support staff was there to get me through it.

I was truly able to bond with the nurses and radiation techs. They are exceptional people who you can lean on for more than just treatment. They created a warm environment with their positive attitudes and great personalities…At one appointment we actually had to stop talking because I was laughing too much and wasn’t supposed to be moving while the treatments were taking place.

Before I went to RRCC I heard about how painful it was going to be, how the treatments were going to burn, and how drained of energy I was going to be. Women diagnosed with breast cancer need to know that’s not true. A cancer diagnosis does not have to be as bad as it’s made out to be. If you listen to the nurses, and maintain a strong mind, a positive attitude, and a healthy diet and lifestyle you can sail through this, and the RRCC staff will be there by your side to help.

For me, I saw breast cancer as an inconvenience. Nothing more. And are you going to let an inconvenience stand in the way your life? Because you shouldn’t.”

-Michelle W.

Rahway Regional Cancer Center Helps Track Coach in the Fight for His Life

Not too many coaches can boast 22 All-American medals in a 22-year career. But track coach and teacher at Snyder High School in Jersey City, Eben Myers can. Myers coaches one of the top high school teams in the U.S.

While in his professional life, coaching and teaching U.S. and World History, Myers was at the top of his game, personally he was about to face one of his harshest opponents – prostate cancer.

After a routine blood exam, his doctor called to report an abnormal result. Further testing revealed Myers had early stages of prostate cancer.

“I cried like a baby. I asked myself, ‘Why me? Why me?’” Myers said.

Myers chose to keep his diagnosis a secret from his family, friends, students and faculty.

“When I found out I was ashamed,” he said.

While he continued to teach and coach, Myers knew he had to act fast to keep the cancer from spreading. He turned to Eric Karp, M.D. of Rahway Regional Cancer Center.

“Mr. Myers was fortunate his cancer was caught early. While Eben was not a candidate for prostate seed implantation, after careful planning we were able to develop a radiation plan to target the prostate cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched,” said Karp.

But it was not only the technology at Rahway Regional Cancer Center, Myers says Karp gave him confidence there was nothing to be ashamed about.

“Dr. Karp encouraged me to talk to my family. He said together we will get through this. He took his time and made me feel like I was his only patient.”

-Eben M
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