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When facing a cancer diagnosis, the treatment and recovery process is where your focus should remain, which is why Rahway Regional Cancer Center (RRCC) is here to serve as your financial advisor.

Patients at RRCC are provided trained financial counseling by a professional Radiation Oncology Certified Coder (ROCC). Each of our patients is given personal assistance and helpful information regarding their individual insurance requirements, so they may focus on recovery and personal wellbeing.

Alleviating your financial burden and navigating the health insurance industry is the specialty of RRCC’s in-house Financial Advocate, Mary Capasso, who will walk you through the process of funding your care step-by-step.

Co-Payments and Premiums

Before you enter RRCC as our new patient, our financial advocate will verify your insurance and provide assistance with deciphering co-payments and insurance premiums to minimize the financial burden.


If a scan is ordered by our cancer care team, our financial advocate will work with your insurance provider to have any necessary pre-certifications authorized in a timely manner.

Payment Plans

Large deductibles should not be a concern for our patients. While we do not waive co-payments, we will sit down with you and design a custom payment plan to lessen your financial burden by scheduling reasonable installments based on your income.

Insurance Plans

If a patient’s insurance plan does not fit their cancer care needs, our financial advocate will work with you to find a plan that does, by guiding you through the process of either altering your current plan or finding a new one.  You can find our comprehensive list of insurance plans we accept on our Insurance Information page.

If by some chance you have an insurance plan that RRCC does not participate with or in, our financial advocate pledges to secure an out-of-network pre-certification to ensure that your treatment process is not disrupted. If you have any questions or concerns about billing or insurance plans, please call our Financial Advocate, Mary Capasso, at 732.382.5550.