Treating Lung Cancer in Central NJ

If you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer, finding an experienced oncologist you can trust makes all the difference. Here at Rahway Regional Cancer Center, Dr. Eric Karp has given hope to thousands of patients throughout New Jersey, and he is available 24/7/365 to provide the best treatment possible. No matter where you are on your lung cancer journey, contact Dr. Karp’s office and show this disease you’re not backing down.

Finding a Treatment Plan that Works

There are a lot of variables when it comes to lung cancer. No two cases are the same. For that reason, the first and most important step of treatment is to conduct a thorough evaluation using advanced technology and software. Dr. Karp will meet with you to assess your cancer and get your complete medical history. His keen eye allows him to see things that other doctors might miss. While developing a custom treatment plan for you, he’ll make adjustments for the type and stage of your lung cancer, as well as for your age and overall health.

Once the plan is created, Dr. Karp and his team will start treating you right away here at the Rahway, NJ facility. Office staff will help take care of paperwork for you and arrange transportation if needed.

Treatment Options for Lung Cancer

Several different treatment options are available for patients with lung cancer. Most patients will receive a combination of methods.

The main types of lung cancer treatment include:

Surgery. All or part of the affected lobe is surgically removed.

Chemotherapy. Drugs that kill or shrink lung cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy. High-energy rays that shrink and kill cancer cells, stop them from growing and prevent them from spreading.

Immunotherapy. Helps stimulate and support a patient’s own immune system to destroy the cancer cells.

Clinical Trials. Innovative treatments that offer hope when the cancer doesn’t respond to regular treatment.

Supportive/Palliative Care. Manages side effects and symptoms and helps improve quality of life.


Get the Lung Cancer Treatment You Deserve

Whatever form of lung cancer treatment you decide to pursue, you can feel confident knowing you’re in the capable hands of one of the best radiation oncologists. Dr. Karp and his team will be by your side through your entire lung cancer journey. To speak with our caring staff or schedule a consultation at Rahway Regional Cancer Center, call us today at 732-382-5550.