Dr. Eric Karp, MD at Front of Building - Rahway, NJ - Rahway Regional Cancer Center


The Karp Pledge

The Karp Pledge is Dr. Eric Karp’s personal commitment to the patients of Rahway Regional Cancer Center to deliver the best care in radiation oncology

Passion Dr. Karp and his team are your healing advocates

Listening Understanding a patient’s story guides to our shared decision making process and personalized treatment

Ethics The patient’s care is paramount. We are not beholden to anyone or anything that can compromise our patient’s care

Dedication Our family of professionals are vested in our patient’s treatment and recovery

Give We believe in the basic principle of giving our heart, soul, and talent to a cure

Encouragement Our community of support encourages and inspires a healing atmosphere


The mission of the Rahway Regional Cancer Center is to restore our patient’s quality of life. We achieve this with a treatment culture that is immediate, welcoming and supportive while providing a superior level of focused personalized cancer care unmatched in the healthcare environment.


Rahway Regional Cancer Center is committed to being the best cancer center by providing personalized care for patients throughout their healing process through use of cutting-edge technology in a warm, welcoming center with a compassionate staff in an environment that is different from medical facilities and large, impersonal hospitals.

Core Values


We are committed to uphold our moral commitment to the “Principles of Ethics” set forth by ASTRO Code of Ethics and apply all ethical obligations to our patients, the profession of radiation oncology, and the community


We are committed to implementing the most advanced and effective radiation oncology treatments to deliver the highest-quality patient care possible


We provide immediate treatment so the overall well-being of the patient is never compromised


We work outside the boundaries of our center and partner with key organizations to strengthen the diverse needs of the communities we serve by assisting with innovative programs, sponsorships or volunteer opportunities


Together with great passion, compassion, and love, we embrace the welfare and wellbeing of all our patients and their caregivers as part of our extended family