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  Image Guided-Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Rahway Regional Cancer Center offers the most advanced and beneficial form of external beam radiation therapy, Image Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, IG-IMRT. The center utilizes a state of the art linear accelerator called the Elekta Precise Treatment System. The Precise Treatment System combined with sophisticated computer software allows a team of PhD. physicists and certified medical dosimetrists to shape the radiation beams and vary their intensity. In short, IMRT wraps beams of radiation precisely around tumors to destroy cancer cells while sparing the patientís surrounding healthy tissue and reducing side effects.

Prostate Seed Implantation
The Center also has one of the most experienced brachytherapy teams in the world offering the implantation of radioactive sources directly into tumors and tumor beds. Dr. Karp, the facilityís founder and director, established the first radioactive seed implantation program for prostate cancer in Central New Jersey.

On-Site Brachytherapy with High Dose Rate Remote After Loader
On Site High Dose Rate Remote After loader Dr. Karp is one of the worldís leading experts in high dose rate brachytherapy having performed over 3,000 procedures. His center offers high-dose-rate brachytherapy which is commonly used for gynecologic malignancies including endometrium and cervix as well as cancer of the esophagus. Dr. Karp has also designed and developed custom apparatuses for delivering brachytherapy in highly complex situations requiring specialized care. Dr. Karp performs this procedure on site at Rahway Regional Cancer Center so his patients may return home soon after the procedure is completed.

World Leading Treatment Planning Software
Perhaps the most important piece of equipment in any radiation treatment facility is the treatment-planning computer. The treatment-planning computer is the device that is used to plan out radiation treatment delivery on both an external beam basis as well as with brachytherapy. The Center houses the most advanced treatment-planning system in existence, Philips Syntegra making the facility one of the few in the United States with fusion capability allowing the combination of diagnostic radiographic films e.g., MR scans, CT scans and PET scans with treatment-planning scans performed on site. Fusion technology allows for greater accuracy in the delivery of radiation therapy with resultant increased effectiveness of treatment and significant reduction in radiation dose to normal tissues.

Clinical Accuracy and Constancy
The Center also has its own dedicated treatment-planning CT scan with carbon fiber tabletop duplicating the treatment conditions on the actual treatment machine, further allowing for greater accuracy in treatment delivery and sparing of normal tissues and better tumor dose delivery. We offer full consultation services for all cancer patients and will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized and fully appropriate for each patient who comes to our facility.

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