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  Computer Technology Advancing Cancer Care

Rahway Regional Cancer Center
Eric Karp, M.D. announced the latest advancement in radiation therapy at Rahway Regional Cancer Center. Dr. Karp announced the installation of Syntegra, a specialized computer software program produced by Philips Medical Systems, the world leading company in the development of hi-tech radiation treatment planning software. Syntegra allows the Rahway Regional Cancer Center to utilize the rapid advancements in diagnostic imaging such as CTs, MRIs and PET scans by fusing(overlaying) these diagnostic scans directly into a treatment planning computer. “This new fusion technology will allow us to pinpoint the tumor volume in areas where organ motion is present. This permits us to precisely conform the external beam radiation to the tumor, while sparing the patient’s healthy anatomy.” said Karp. Karp, founder and director of Rahway Regional Cancer Center, is a board certified Radiation Oncologist who received his entire training at the world renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in radiation oncology. He also was awarded an American Cancer Society Fellowship in clinical oncology. Dr. Karp founded Rahway Regional Cancer Center in 1993 and has been the driving force behind delivering state of the art care in a community setting. “By partnering with world leading companies such as, Philips Medical Systems and Elekta Incorporated, Rahway Regional Cancer Center is able to provide the most sophisticated radiation treatment in a patient focused setting .”, stated Karp. For more information, please call Rahway Regional Cancer Center at 732-382-5550.