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Rahway Regional Cancer Center’s Medical Director

Dr. Eric Karp, who was born and raised in New York, is the founder and director of Rahway Regional Cancer Center (founded in 1993). During his residency, Dr. Karp envisioned a freestanding radiation oncology facility that would provide superior cancer care in the community setting. Sixteen years later, in pursuit of his mission to cure cancer, he has treated thousands and thousands of cancer patients with the most sophisticated radiation therapy available. Dr. Karp ensures that every aspect of his patient's experience is optimized and he is personally available 24 hours a day. Dr. Karp is a board-certified radiation oncologist. Early in his training, he positioned himself as a leader in this field by graduating with honors from Columbia University and receiving his medical degree from the esteemed Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He then received his residency training entirely at the world’s leading radiation oncology training program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. At Memorial Sloan-Kettering in NYC, Dr. Karp excelled to such a level that he was awarded an American Cancer Society Fellowship in clinical oncology. He brings this level of excellence to Rahway Regional Cancer Center to make it one of the premier radiation facilities in the country.

Along with his extraordinary educational achievements, Dr. Karp has vast experience treating thousands of patients with all types of cancers. He leads a team of qualified physicists, radiation therapists and nurses to administer the most sophisticated techniques of cancer treatments. His state of the art facility uses the latest equipment to safely and effectively treat and destroy all types of cancers while protecting his patients against radiation side effects. Elekta’s Precise Treatment System, Nucletron’s High Dose Rate Remote After-loader and Philips Medical System’s Syntegra, the most sophisticated treatment planning software available, are just some of the powerful tools assisting Dr. Karp in the battle against cancer. Impressively, Dr. Karp also established central New Jersey’s first prostate seed implant program and is considered to be one of the top brachytherapy experts in the world.

Dr. Karp developed a staff at Rahway Regional Cancer Center that recognizes that delivering the best technical treatment is only part of the healing process. This center provides its patients with tangible assistance such as individualized care, door to door transportation at no charge, monthly patient support groups and expert counseling on nutrition. The American College of Radiology, the leading national organization for surveying radiation programs, awarded Rahway Regional Cancer Center a full three year accreditation further attesting to its quality of care. For further information regarding this special cancer treatment facility please call 732-382-5550.

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